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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

More Ebola, Hurrican Season Continues, and Processing the Harvest

I was concerned last week when I heard of a nurse who had cared for Thomas Duncan has tested positive for the Ebola virus.  Unfortunately, my concerns were well placed, as we now have learned of a second nurse with Ebola.  I have not yet found any information regarding how she contracted it though...was she also in direct contact with the original patient or did she contract it some other way, such as in a nurses' lounge or a washroom?
Either way, there were some very disturbing errors in her conduct.  It seems that she was smart enough to self examine for symptoms, yet upon developing a slight fever, was NOT smart enough to avoid air travel, exposing 130 pasengers on a flight from Ohio to Texas to the possibility of contracting the virus, not to mention the flight crew, who could soon be developing symptoms while away at work almost anywhere in the world.
Only time will tell where this is going to pop up next.  In fact, after having passed away on Oct. 8th, we may not have heard the end of people contracting the virus from him until about Oct.29th, the 21 day possible incubation period.  But now, that time clock keeps resetting itself.  The latest case means that we won't know the extent of possible infections from her until Nov.3rd.  Every new case discovered resets the time clock to 3 weeks before we know the extent of the consequences.
Now that we know for sure that a patient was infectious while on board a commercial flight, I think it is only a matter of time before we see a case here in Canada.  Now, I'm not trying to sound any alarms just yet, and hopefully I will never have to use this space to report how many thousands of cases been reported on home soil, but I do think that now is the time to review your pandemic preparedness and plans.

With all the crazy goings on in the world, It's easy to lose track of the dangers that do come along on a regular basis.  Right now, many of us have our attention focused on other events, that October 30th, 2014 isn't even a blip in our brains.  What's that date all about you ask?  That is the day that Hurricane Sandy made landfall in the New York, New Jersey area.  Yes, that's right, we are still in Hurricane season, and as I write this, the Canadian Hurricane Center (Ya, we have that) is tracking a category 4 storm named Gonzales, which is set to affect the maritimes sometime Saturday or Sunday.
While this particular storm is NOT expected to hit landfall in a significant way like Sandy, it is a reminder that we can't rule out Hurricanes as many of us are hurriedly getting ready for the snow to fly.

Also, here we are in the height of the fall harvest.  As a matter of fact, instead of writting this post, I myself should be busy processing and preserving the 25lbs of cabbage, 50 lbs of apples, 10 lbs of beets, and untold amounts of pumpkin and squash I have sitting in my cold room.
In the next few days and weeks, many of us will be using up copious amounts of salt, sugar, vinegar, and water in our canners and crocks, placing roots and such in their winter storage cellars, and putting up every last ounce of food that we can.

While we do all of this and keep an eye out for all the bad things that the world has to offer right now, don't forget that winter is coming, so get that car kit winterized, plan for your snow tires to be changed, and get your alternative heating ready to go!

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Casting Call - Proper Television

I have been asked to post a casting call by Proper Television, a production company based in Toronto.

They are looking to film a show in the spring where 2 survival enthusiasts are placed in environmentally challenging locations, with supplies and survival gear in tow. They will be expected to work together to find their own food, shelter and ultimately prove their survival skills.

Here is their casting call blurb as it was sent to me...


Do you think you have what it takes to survive through anything anywhere?! Can you find food, water and create shelter in the wild? We’re casting for a new survival show for a major network and we want to see if you have what it takes. We’re looking for people between the ages of 25-50 who have big, bold and outgoing personalities who aren’t afraid to speak their minds. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to put your survival skills to the ultimate test.

Please see the application below:


If this is something that interests you, please use the application form in the above link.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Ebola - One Simple Case or Possible North American Outbreak?

This is a followup to my post yesterday evening regarding a confirmed case of ebola in the US.  In the interest of sharing this information, I posted simultaniously to The Canadian Preppers Network Blog, The Canadian Preppers Network Forum, and sent an email to Che of the Ontario Preppers Survival Network.  This information was not meant to be panic inducing, but simply to inform fellow preppers that they need to be aware of the situation.

Yesterday, the CDC issued this statement on their website

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

First confirmed case of Ebola confirmed in the United States: CDC

Yes, you've read that title correctly, a case of ebola has been confirmed in Dallas, Texas today.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Predator Problem at the Chicken Coop

At about 17 weeks of age, I am now checking daily for eggs.  Sure, the nesting boxes are set up and lined with fresh pine shavings, and the feed has been switched over to  a layer granule mix, but I am now really checking every day, in every crevice of the coop and run, anxiously waiting for my first egg.  But just as my girls are coming of age, a new, actually first, concern has popped up...predators.

I'm not really sure what it is, but there is something trying to get into the coop.  I haven't bothered closing the coop door at night all summer, figuring that the extra air flow would help keep the coop cooler, but starting last night, my girls get locked up tight.  Yesterday morning, as I went out to feed my girls and do the morning water change, I noticed something really strange.  There was a pile of freshly dug dirt at the base of the run.

This doesn't particularly cause me a LOT of concern, as I covered the bottom of the run with hardware cloth, then added a layer of gravel, to keep anything from digging under and in.  However, a closer look at the run revealed some missing wire on the hardware cloth.

 Something is obviously trying to get in...what, I just don't know yet.  The coop is just outside my back door, and like all entrances, there is a motion sensor light on 24/7.  From time to time lately, thi light will come on, and I check on it every time I see it, but I never get a glimpse of what might be coming around.

Anyways, as I mentioned, from now on the girls are getting locked up in the coop at night and I will continue to check things out whenever I see the light come on. Has anyone else had these signs and know what is trying to get into my coop? 

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Summer of Survival - Last Chance

In case you haven't grabbed it yet I wanted to make sure you know the price on the Summer of Survival Complete Collection will jump from $69 to $129 Tomorrow (Wednesday) morning. Permanently.

That means you have less than 24  hours to get over 36 hours of expert survival training plus bonuses worth over $600 - many found nowhere else - for almost half off.

Before you miss out, take a look at everything you get here:

Own the Summer of Survival Complete Collection - Your Survival Skills Library

Saturday, August 23, 2014

The Prepared Canadian Podcast - Episode 75 - Ham Radio and Powering them for Preppers

Ham radio can be an indispensable resource during an event.  Not only will it allow you to keep in touch with other members of your support group, but if enough preppers would take it seriously, a whole network could be set up from coast to coast to relay valuable information.  Even without a license, you can own and listen for information from ham radio operators, emergency services such as police, fire, and others, and listen in on worldwide broadcasts which can keep you up to date on the general situation of things.


A couple of weeks ago, I gave a presentation to a group of preppers from eastern Ontario and I remain impressed at the SERIOUS interest that was shown.   All too often, I discuss the advantages of ham radio and get a group full of bobble heads that nod in agreance, but do nothing about getting into a hobby that is truly a valuable prepper resource.


This week I will discuss the 2 main types of ham radio, being UHF/VHF for local comms, and HF for lond distance.  Also, as radios need power, I will go a lot more in depth with regards to the various accessories and power options for what is probably the most affordable and versatile ham radio for preppers, the Baofeng UV-5R.   Specifically, I will do some math that explains the requirements to have portable, renewable power for your radios.